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Closer To The Sky — The Hidden Valleys Of Amdo
A Photography Series by Stefan Ulonska

Photographer Stefan Ulonska takes us through the beautiful and not so commonly known mountain region in the southeast of Qinghai Province, called Ninabaoyuze 年宝玉则, in this series of a twelve photographs.


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The Zheda Review Blog features a wide collection of writings, focusing on personal or topical issues, and provides a perspective on world events and niche interests as people from a multiplicity of countries through the world tell stories, or interpret and react to pressing issues.



The Zheda Review features the poetry of American-born poet, Jordan Paul Sullivan.




Photography by Irani photographer Yasaman Iranmanesh. Yasaman’s photography has been the recipient of much critical acclaim, and her work has been well decorated with some of the most prestigious awards in photography. In May 2016, Yasaman had her work exhibited in the Baghe Ghasr Museum in Tehran. Also proudly featuring the photography of Russian photographer Egor Glasov. Debuting work from Peruvian photographer Kerstin Gutierrez and Pakistani photographer Saima Hameed.


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Monica Luna’s Human, Hasina Rajaonarivelo’s pense, and Sketches by Saima Hameed (Canada, Madagascar, Pakistan). Monica Luna has a tendency of including robots in her pieces. Hasina uses digital technology to edit her sketches into animated portraits. Saima combines tradition with spirited imagination in her pencil sketches.


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Travel Writing, Short Stories, Comics, and an entire entertainment section, which includes sports writeups, ‘how to’ videos for makeup, scripted and unscripted web-shows (coming soon), and art that we’ve categorized as being frivolous: with skill, without modesty.

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